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Floor Standing Speaker


Pump serious sound through your den with the crisp treble and powerful bass of the SS-F5000 floor-standing speakers.





Pump serious sound through your den with the crisp treble and powerful bass of the SS-F5000 floor-standing speakers.

Mid Range Size(s) is 3 ¼” Midrange Driver.Speaker Terminal Type is Binding Post Impedance is 8 Ohms.Tweeter Size is 1″ (2.5 cm).Quantity of Tweeters is 1.Quantity (Packaged) is 2.Power Requirements is 150W.Woofer Size(s) is 8″ WooferSensitivity is 88 dB.Quantity of Woofer(s) is 2

Additional information

Frequency Response

45 – 50,000 Hz


Dimensions (Approx.)

9 7/16 x 33 7/16 x 10 3/8" (240 x 850x 263mm) each

Weight (Approx.)

24 lb, 14 oz (11.3kg) each


88 dB

4 reviews for Floor Standing Speaker

  1. Cobus Bester

    Couldn’t be happier!

    I recently built my first home theater, and decided to go with Sony speakers. I paired the Floor Standing 5000’s with a 5000 series Center Channel and a set of 1000 series Bookshelf speakers for the surrounds. The sound is really amazing! I was impressed with the range of frequencies and clarity these speakers produced. Lows, mids, highs……beautiful! When I added a sub, I couldn’t believe how much more enjoyable the system became. I have everything hooked up to a Yamaha RX-V471 5.1 receiver. I am soon going to replace the Bookshelf surrounds with another pair of these Floor Standing 5000’s.

  2. Andrew

    And I came home with a great set of speakers

    Not shopping for speakers, I went to my closest Sony retail outlet to compare/contrast some exquisite Sony/Zeiss lenses for my next photo purchase. As I was shooting some different pics to compare lenses (onto a CF card brought from home), I noticed although subtly…some very nice tunes streaming from the back of the store. As I was drawn to the speakers…It dawned on me that I would really like them jacked into my Bedroom system…I critically listened to them….it dawned on me that the speaker/amp combo ….would be great for my boys….Very nice sweet clear highs…with plenty of bass punch to boot….for Christmas! My Kids neighbors are going to hate me for this…
    Anyway, the only pr of these in the store, were floor/demo models…..they are now in my bedroom….a welcome addition. The boss is happy with them too. Let me just say that I was planning on spending significantly greater amounts on my BR speakers..but am totally satisfied with these….reallyreally. Nice!
    Am I a critical listener???? Yes!
    The familyroom is all tube sound….with Gigawatts of power……
    The sonys again as always…satisfy my critical ear ( and eye)…especially at this pricepoint…….
    ps. the PS3…with its upsampler….is probably one of the best “CD” players out there…not to mention DVD, Blue Ray, Games etc. It jacks nicely into the other sony components……

  3. Lloyd Budd


    I’ve been replacing old speakers from the 80’s. I bought the SS-B3000, the SS-F6000 and these. The 5000s are by far the best pair. Like the smaller bookshelf speakers, they use the 8 inch woofer. Work beautifully in a 13 x 26 foot room driven by my 100 watt/channel receiver. For a bigger room I would go for the 7000s. The smaller woofers in the 6000s are disappointing. I could not be more satisfied with the 5000s, especially at the price. Back in the 80’s, I would drop a weeks’ pay for an inferior speaker!

  4. Chris Ames


    For $160 these speakers really can’t be beat. I am putting together (piece by piece) my own surround sound system for the first time. I only had the money for the two front channels to start with. I don’t know a lot about speaker. I run these speakers off the Sony STR-DH710 receiver.
    I love all the sounds this thing makes. I makes me want to listen to all my different music, just to hear how good it is. My wife likes the Beatles and I like my 80’s rock and roll. These speakers do both extremely well. I can guarantee you won’t be upset with buying these speakers. (Unless you are an audiophile wanting the absolute best)
    With just these two speakers, I do not miss my old “home theater in a box” system at all. I have my cable running through these and watch all my favorite tv shows with them. Watching Blu-ray movies is pretty awesome as well

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